Who Are We?

For over fifty years Pastor Jimmy Gallagher has served (at various times) as a leader during the 1970s Jesus Movement, a Christian school administrator, ghetto minister, chaplain, assistant pastor and in overseas missions.

He is the father of four grown boys and four girls who serve the Lord on the mission field and elsewhere. He is the grandfather of 18 amazing grandchildren!

Jimmy is a graduate of the ICBC Spiritual Warfare training. He has a B.A. in Bible from Welch Bible College and a Doctorate in Biblical Counseling from Louisiana Baptist University. He is associated with the Freedom Net network of Spiritual Warfare counselors. We can supply character references from several pastors upon request.

We have seen marriages restored, evil spirits conquered, addictions overcome, lifestyles changed and much more! All counseling is free of charge and many have been set free from demonic attacks on their minds.


The church where Jimmy served is located in a neighborhood where the United Nations houses refugees who come from all over the world to Dallas. This meant that Muslims, Hindus, Burmese, Iranians, Iraqis, Afghans, Africans, Mexicans and many others were sometimes interacting with the church.

Jimmy has spent 15 years serving refugees as a friend and mentor. His goal is to help them learn to understand the Bible so that they can feed themselves. Even Muslims are surprised when we visit ghetto apartments and say, “Our life is for you, not for us.” People respond to love and friendship and some have become born-again!

The purpose of this website is to share with you as many tools as possible so that you can have anything that we have learned. It is our prayer that you will find something here that brings you closer in your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or prayer requests.

Pastor Jimmy Gallagher
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Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?