Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?

Jesus is the Son of God who is reaching out to you now!

Here is what Christians believe and are willing to die for:

• God created us so that we could know Him and walk with Him.

• He told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowing Evil but they did it anyway and passed on evil to us.

• We see that we bring evil in our lives when we decide we can do whatever we want without God’s help.

• This evil cannot exist in Heaven so anyone who does what they want instead of what God wants will not spend eternity with God. They will spend eternity in hell because there is no other place for them to live in their evil way.

• God saw that men were trapped in evil so He sent a part of Himself to earth to be born of a virgin as a man whom we know as the Lord Jesus Christ. He was seen by men who witnessed that He is the Son of God.

• Jesus showed us that it is possible to live without evil on this earth. His life showed that He did only what God wanted Him to do and there was no evil in Him.

• The next thing God wants us to know is that we can trust Him. Adam ate the fruit because the devil told him that God cannot be trusted.

• Our daily life is given to us so that we can show that we are trusting God. Sometimes we are tested to see if we will keep on trusting God.

• God says that if we will trust in the fact that Jesus is the Son of God who came down from heaven

… and lived in a human body
… and that when Jesus died on the cross He took all of our evil on Himself to cover our evil
… and that God raised Him from the dead
… and we agree that we have done evil which we knew in our heart was wrong [hate, lust, lying, jealous, greedy]
… and we are willing to say that we believe these things with our mouth

…we will become born-again and our evil will be forever covered and not held against us.

• We believe that God is strong enough to protect His words from being changed. The Bible is the word of God written in a book.

• People say there are changes to the Bible because some men have made copies with some of their own ideas in them. Bible but this does change the fact that when the Bible was given to us it was perfect.

• We have thousands of scrolls and copies of the Bible from thousands of years ago. Old books from famous men are trusted but there are only a few copies of these. We are able to compare ancient Bible pages and see that there are very few copies that are different from each other and the small differences do not change the teaching of the Bible.

• We believe that we are now living in the last days of the earth.

• God is moving in governments. There are wars and earthquakes and signs in the sky which Jesus said would come.

• Men are becoming more evil and laugh at what is good. Men are saying Christians are bad people and should be punished.

• Before the evil can completely take over the earth, Jesus will come and take the ones who have trusted in His death on the cross to be with Him in heaven.

Is there any reason that you would feel it was more important to live your life without God’s help or the covering of Jesus?

Are you angry at God? Is there some reason you do not trust Him? Have you ever thought that it was men who did this thing to you and not God? If you saw a fake Christian that does not mean that God is fake.

Talk to Him and tell Him about these things. Ask Him to help you to get past these feelings.

Tell Him that you trust in the fact that Jesus is the Son of God and that His death covered anything evil that was in you.

Tell Him that you trust in the fact that God the Father raised Jesus from the dead.

Ask God to save you from your own way and He will meet with you in your room and you will know He is there and that He has made you to become a clean new person who is now born-again!

Welcome to the family! We are now part of the same family and we would do anything for each other!