Free Christian Counseling

Are you going through something that we can pray with you about?

The world says that counseling should only be done by a licensed mental health expert.

Some of these experts are good people who do provide help but some do not have the equipment needed to help with your situation.

The Bible says that God knows what you need and He has given counselors who know how to explain His Words of wisdom.

When a situation gets so bad that you have decided to look for a counselor there are some things to keep in mind:

1. The problem has been going on for some time and you should not expect that it will be instantly solved.

2. You can be sure that when a problem keeps on attacking you every day and things are getting worse then this is something that is coming from the devil.

When we say that the devil is involved we do not mean that you can blame your problems on the devil. What we mean is that the devil is making the problem worse.

If you do not something about this then the problem is going to become bigger and there will be some kind of emergency in your house. This is not something that you can ignore!

We do not believe in "demon chasing" so do not get the idea that we are going to do something crazy.
There is no need to do any dramatic to get rid of the devil.

The Bible says that if we stand against him, he will run away. James 4:7

Here is what we will do:

1. We will ask questions about the problem and try to get some background information about you so that we can pray about this thing.

2. We will walk through a checklist with you to see why the devil thinks he has a perfect right to attack you.

3. We will ask you to pray specifically to take back anything in your life that the devil is using against you.

4. We will give you a Bible project that helps you pay attention to what God says about your situation.

5. We will follow up later and ask you what you have learned and get an update on your current situation.

6. In some cases we may ask you to sign a paper that shows that you have given us permission to give counseling which was at your request. We will also sign the section which agrees that we will maintain strict privacy with all the information you share with us and cannot be held liable for any actions you take.

7. In some cases we will refer you to a licensed mental health expert. These doctors can prescribe medication or hospital treatment which may be needed in your case.

This kind of professional care helps to calm down the situation and help you get control of yourself.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Sometimes people go to their local church to ask for help and are told to just confess their sins or have demons cast out of them.

If the situation is real bad, there are times when the person asking for help is asked to leave the church and not return.

We are offering you a way out if you really want it. We will make your situation a priority in our schedule. All we ask is that you are sincere in really wanting help.

If we do not see that you are hearing us we may refer you to another counselor.

You can get help immediately by downloading the free SwordPlay booklet.

This little booklet has helped many people to get freedom.

You can also watch videos which teach you about demonic attacks.

Please do not expect us to solve your problem for you.

We cannot help anyone unless there is total honesty and surrender to God's Words.

We sincerely would like to help you walk through the attacks you are experiencing.

Please contact us for an appointment by email and let us know how we can help.

Pastor Jimmy Gallagher Ph.D.
Biblical Counseling
Freedom Network Associate


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