Why Study The Bible?

Why is the Bible important in our lives?

First, because Jesus told us to read it. In John 4, He said, "Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God." In John 15, He said, "If you abide in Me and My words abide in you..." He also said, "Search the Scriptures." There are all kinds of Scriptures we could quote here, where Jesus recommended we read the Bible. So, the most important reason is, our LORD and Savior told us to read it, and study it, and search it.

Secondly, when we don't know what to do, and we need guidance; when we're at the end of our rope, and we don't know where to turn. There're all kinds of Scriptures for guidance. Isaiah 58 has a great verse about guidance: if you just get busy doing what God wants you to do, then in the darkness and the confusion, you will understand what you should be doing.

The third reason to read the Bible is to be comforted when you're down and discouraged, and nothing makes any sense: the Bible puts your emotions and your mind back together; you then feel like you can go on for there, you're emotionally able to deal with the situation.
Another reason for reading the Bible is to get rid of sin in your life: even though you might not realize a particular sin is in your life, when you study the Scripture, you then understand how God sees what you're doing; the Word convinces you of sin (the Holy Spirit came into the world to convince men of sin), and then you confess and agree with God about it.

For non-Christians, they read the Bible to understand who God is; who Jesus is; what Christianity is; why Jesus died on the Cross. Many, many people have no idea why He died on the Cross; they think that He was a good man and some bad guys killed Him. They have no understanding of the reason Jesus died on the Cross.

So, if we're not reading the Bible, then we've just left a big chunk of wisdom and comfort and obedience out of our lives. Why do so few people read the Bible? What is needed is for people to be taught how the Bible answers their questions: "What do I do when I'm lonely?" "What do I do when somebody's angry at me?" "When I've made a mistake?" "When I have financial problems?" "When I feel like I'm going crazy?"

So many questions the Bible answers, but people have not been taught that the answers are there, so too many people just see no need to read the Bible; they feel like it really has nothing to say to them. So what needs to happen is, they need to see that the Bible has the answers to these questions, and that they can be applied practically, and then through prayer ask God to open their understanding, and then put into practice what they know.

So here is the real final word on the subject: if God gives you light, and you reject it, then you'll receive darkness. If God gives you light, and you follow that light as best as you are able, He'll give you some more light and He'll show you what to do next, then a little further, and then He'll show you a little more.

But if you don't even take what you DO understand and try to absorb and live in obedience to it, then things will get worse instead of better. Best thing to do is (what have you got to lose?): start reading your Bible and taking notes.