Suggestions on How to Make Good Decisions

Seek FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 6:33

When you put what God wants before what you want you are in a good spot to see what the next step is.

Life decisions are always made one-step-at-a-time.

Do NOT get in a hurry about this! Proverbs 19:2

Remind yourself of what you ALREADY know:

God is on your side, He has helped you in the past, He has given you His Word so you can read it and keep yourself in a good spot.

He that is faithful in a small thing is faithful in a big thing. He that is not faithful in a small thing will not be faithful in bigger things. Luke 16:10

Reminding yourself of what you already know shows that you can trust Him for what you do not know. One of the main reasons God created you was to teach you how to trust Him.

What if you were always acting like you did not trust one of your friends? You would not be very good friends after awhile.

Make up your mind that no matter what happens you know that God can make it come out right.

Make the decision that you will look for help in the Bible and pray and then you will wait for God to confirm the next step before you do anything.

God always confirms the truth of things in the mouth of two or three witnesses. These witnesses may be Bible verses or mature Christians. Every truth has to be confirmed by the agreement of two or three witnesses.

God promises to guide us when we stop focusing on ourselves.

You might feel that it would be good to skip eating for awhile while you are praying about this decision.

That is a good idea take a look at these verses which show what God thinks about fasting:

I will tell you the kind of fasting I want.

I want you to free the people you have put in prison by holding something against them.

I want you to bring food to hungry people.

I want you to bring poor people into your own house and give them the things they need.

Do not turn away from spending time and serving your own family.

If you do these things, I make a light shine to show you what to do.

Then you will call to Me, and I will give you answers and say, ‘Here I am.’

Do not make trouble for other people. Do not say bad things about anyone.

Do not tell your friends bad things about other people.

If you do what I am saying then your path will become clear sunshine in the darkness. And I will always lead you.

When you stop doing things on your own, and agree to wait on God, He will show you what your next step is! Proverbs 25:9