The Saga of the African Shipping Containers

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Door-to-Door Delivery

For those who were part of the LONG saga of a complete medical clinic being transferred to our barn and then loaded for shipping to Zimbabwe.

We thought you like to hear the story of how the goodies made it to Africa -and how the people think that you and I are some kind of heroes, etc.

Here are some emails which various missionaries, nurses and staff (some traveled with the containers to guard them all the way from Texas) were sending while the ship made its way to Israel and then through the Suez Canal and back and forth to various ports until it finally made it to a port which would allow the containers to be transported into land-locked Zimbabwe.


"Let heaven and earth praise Him (Jesus), the seas and everything [shipping containers] that MOVES in them." (Psalm 69: 34) We have been privileged to see this verse become a reality. The three 40 foot sea containers that were delayed for over a month finally arrived in Harare, Zimbabwe. So all that is in the sea and "on" the sea is under His control. There were days when we wondered if the containers would ever get to Harare, but praise God that He is far above our thoughts (doubts) and ways. To be honest, we never doubted the containers would arrive but we wondered "when" they would arrive. Thank you for your perseverance in praying for us and the supplies.

These are the containers that left Houston, Texas on Sept. 26, 2007. They arrived in Harare, Zimbabwe on January 11, 2008. They changed ships 3 times and were delayed at ports in different countries. However, the most important thing is that they arrived intact with the original seal on them....meaning no one shopped for free. :-)

PLEASE EXPRESS my sincere gratitude to all the members of the MINISTRY for the several goods and hospital equipment donated to our hospital. Such humanitarian concern and LOVE can only be expressed by GOD-FEARING people.Only THE LORD could have directed you towards the AFRICAN SUN!!

You and your Ministry have indeed have fully accepted JESUS AND HE LEADS YOU ALL THE WAY!

We are blessed to have you as friends. I really appreciate your sacrifices by staying in ZIM TO MAKE SURE THE CONTAINERS got to us safely. Convey my appreciation to Ricky(Shumba), Sithembile, to help the under-priviledged.

However life has not been easy at the hospital due to various shortages.Had it not been for some of your donations I THINK I could have lost my mind.Most surgical companies have relocated to South Africa.Your sutures and gloves made it possible for our theatre to continue operating. I really feel embarrassed to contnue asking because you and the Ministry have done a lot for us but I HAVE NO CHOICE. Allow me to enumerate my stressors ever since you left.

I REPEAT my thanks for the gloves and sutures. Unfortunately the other type of gloves(sterile ones) seem to have been overcooked so they stick and can't be used at all. So we have run out of sterile gloves totally and have a few latex which we now sterilise to use for surgery theatre. IT'S MADNESS!!!

I will like to inform you that all the disposable towels and gowns you sent saved this hospital especially when WE HAD NO CLEAN LINEN at all. They are terriffic.

SO MY FRIEND this is why I COULD NOT WRITE EARLY--after all you and the ministry have done for us HOW can I ASK AND ASK? I prayed about it for days and GOD SAID (I HAVE GIVEN YOU SOMEONE TO HELP- IF YOU HAVE EYES YOU SHOULD SEE AND THEN NEXT I HAD A DREAM WHERE YOU had come to visit so I KNEW I should not be ASHAMED to inform you about our problems. But please know that I am not imposing on you guys IT SHOULD BE AT YOUR OWN PACE-GOD PERMITTING!!!!



My sister in Christ,
We are praying for you and talking to Sherrie today, it looks like help may be there tomorrow. Be assured that all will be well, just keep praying.
In Christ
Phillip C Chabata


One of the neat testimonies from this trip is that Harare was having trouble having the supplies to do dressing changes on their patients. The head of this department prayed on a Monday morning that God would supply their needs according to His riches in glory. Well, He did. At 11a.m. on that same day, she entered the board room where we were presenting to them the supplies that God had given them as our checked luggage. There was an 8 foot table full of gauze, tape and antibiotic ointment in which many of you were a part of. She was amazed that God could answer prayer that fast. Actually, He had answered before she asked as we had been traveling for many days prior to that Monday morning.

The Lord afforded us the opportunity of sharing Christ with the nation on their one TV station. Also, we had the privilege sharing with those who read the newspaper about how Christ put all this together for them and that we all needed to fall on our faces and worship Him alone.

Dear Brother in CHRIST,
Praise the LORD for putting me and the community of Kwe-Kwe in contact with such humane and kind people who in this cruel world still spare time to pray and do wonderful deeds for others.Things are hard here for the ordinary citizen so my dear you can well imagine what it feels like to a sick man or to a poor woman whose child is lying helplessly- when she can not have those vital resources needed to assist by us.

YOU will never imagine the impact of the goods you send us to these people -but I tell you only God can adequately reward all of you [THAT'S YOU]. Sometimes just talking to SHERRIE or SITHEMBILE makes me feel better for I know their prayers will assist me.

I know Sithembile is coming there and I HOPE SHE WILL CONVEY my sincere gratitude to the MINISTRY and all those who give so generously. I pray one day I WILL come there personally to meet such holy and grand people.

Sithembile also informed me she had send a parcel for the hospital and I was away so I have not been to the hospital but will be there on Tuesday. I do thank you in advance and please convey my thank to my friend Sherrie and all the Sisters and Brothers

Pat Mapanda (Doctor)

A note from Jimmy... I thought these supplies weren't going to make much difference. This story got even a macho guy like me to crying as I met with some of the Zimbabweans who had unloaded this stuff and just came to Dallas this weekend. They ignored me when I told them it was no big deal and that we were just passing the stuff on. You would have thought they were meeting a famous celebrity by the way they treated me. Wow -I guess even a cup full of old hospital supplies has its reward of faithful love from new friends!

Anybody ready to load up another container?

Jimmy the Jimster
Col. 3:3

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