Cayman Islands Mission Trip 2009

Wreck of the Ten Sails. In 1794 a group of ten ships wrecked off the reef you see in the distance. The first one signalled the others to "stay away" but they thought he was saying to "come ahead." Sounds like how some lead others into sin and they all wreck. The fascinating Iguanas are a protected species.
They roam the island. Look but don't touch!

It was Pirate Week and the spirit of the pirates was present. The obligatory trip to the beach!

Jimmy was invited to speak at an awards ceremony. Everyone had a blast thinking of ways together to describe Christ via the ABCs.

My "fearless" sidekick (and chauffeur) Pastor Feare made a perfect teammate as we fielded calls. People said they were glued to their radios.

These "tough guys" at the Alternative School warmed up after awhile and made a commitment to seek Christ.

This little darling learned that once the paste is out of the tube -it's impossible to repair the damage. Proverbs 17:14
Volunteers helped us learn the Ten Commandments on our fingers. Our hosts: Conchita & Valentine Reid.
Free to watch but $$$ to play in the water with them. Maybe someday when we get rich. 76 sq. miles of people who need Christ.

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