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All of our materials can be downloaded freely in Acrobat PDF format so that you and our friends overseas can have
instant access to quality resources. We are working on releasing free Customizable Study Guides for the entire Bible.

Check out our AUDIO and VIDEO library pages for access to FREE training resources.

The study materials on this site were created to equip you to understand Scripture. They were NOT created to make money. We are trying to find a way to get good Bible material into the hands of those who need it in every language possible. Our challenge is to do this as economically as possible.

Free Christian Study Downloads
Overcoming Your Real Enemy

Hundreds of these booklets on overcoming uninvited thoughts have been passed out and the stories we hear range from: "Deeply touched..." to "This is what I've been looking for, ...all this time the devil has been playing with my mind."

This booklet explains the Spiritual Warfare we are all going through. It makes the perfect tract to hand out to hurting people. There is also a free printable tract version which you can print out on your computer.

Read it for free online or help us cover the postage and we will send it to you.

How Shall We Live?

If our transgressions and our sins be upon us, and we pine away in them, how should we then live?
Ezekiel 33:10

Many who profess to follow Christ are unaware of the Basics of His teachings.

"...we base sound doctrine on the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Tim. 6:3

Those who have come to a point where they need some answers will discover that every story that Jesus told can be related to one of the Beatitudes which are the foundation of His teaching.

DVDs, Online Videos, Podcasts, Audio files and printed booklet versions are on the way...

English, Burmese, Hakhah, Teddim, Nepali, Spanish Translations -soon available.

The Book of James

Stop, Look, Listen Family Bible Study Series

How much would it have meant to you if you had been given a personal notebook of Bible wisdom by your parents or grandparents?

This guide is designed to prompt you to record your own notes on the book of James. Several categories are suggested for you to explore in each chapter.

Rather than reading what someone else tells you about the Bible... the idea is for you to spend time with God finding out what this book says.

Read it for free online.

Description Format
James: Stop, Look, Listen Study Series GBC Binding

Take the Christmas Quiz - how much do you really know about the season?

Perfect message to hand out for the holidays!

Print the tract version on 8 1/2 x 11 paper (double-sided) and then fold in fourths. Keep one in your pocket ready to hand out. God will send those who need this across your path!

Christmas Tract -

The Secret War - how to fight against your invisible enemy! Shows the reader how to overcome evil thoughts and explains the Gospel clearly in English or Spanish.

Give a copy to someone who is going through a hard time or someone who just needs encouragement.

Print the tract version on 8 1/2 x 11 paper (double-sided) and then fold in fourths. Keep one in your pocket ready to hand out. God will send those who need this across your path!

Secret War Tract - English ( PDF)

Secret War Tract - Spanish (PDF)


Do NOT Read This! - unless millions are people are missing. BUT if the news reports start talking about widespread disappearances -you may want to read this to find out what happened! Don't Read This Tract - English (PDF)
Stop, Drop & Pray: Cities of the Bible - what is the story-behind-the story? Stapled Booklet
SwordPlay Stapled Booklet
Heavenly Checkbook PDF
Resource Sheets
How to find God's Guidance, Raising Kids, How to Study the Bible, Handling a Crisis, Sharing Your Faith, etc.
Bible Buddy
Focus on God's Word and become accountable to a friend. Share what you are learning and strengthen your prayers!
War Chart
Use this chart catch your enemy in the very act of attacking you. Shut him down immediately! You will want to carry this chart with you everywhere you go!

Sending Warriors

If the resources are there we go. If not we stay. Either way we are going to be telling someone about Christ or helping a Christian overcome the eneny. Hundreds of students come to help us on the streets. We pay all the expenses (puppets, transportation, literature, bottled water, lunches, sound equipment, skit props, etc.) we can out of our own pockets.

If the means are available, we also carefully screen refugees / street people and provide
furniture, food, clothing, medicine, transportation, etc. as needed.

We offer FREE Bible content and training which is second to none and based on years of study and preparation.
Everything we have is given freely.

The free materials are our way of saying, "Thank You" for becoming co-laborers with us. If you can't go -send us!

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