About the Site

How much would it have meant to you if you had been given a personal notebook of Bible wisdom by your parents or grandparents? That may never have happened but here’s your chance to make it happen for someone else.

The world says that the Bible is not relevant. They don’t see any connection at all between the Bible and their daily lives. Our job is to prove to ourselves first, and then to others, that the Bible is accurate archaeologically, scientifically, historically, medically, etc.

We have based our studies on comparisons of the Bible text to specific categories of knowledge and wisdom. Learning to “compare spiritual things with spiritual” (1 Cor. 2:13) is the process of learning to compare one thing with another in order to discover if it has any spiritual application.

This site has been prepared as a resource for those who are determined to understand the Bible. Consider it as a beta-test where you can make suggestions while enjoying the benefits of using the guides for free.

Our qualifications for offering insight into Scripture come from 40+ years of walking with the Lord Jesus Christ. We've been through the Jesus Movement and are now in the last days of the apostasy of the church. 2 Thess. 2:3

We have not only spent many years studying the original languages, and the writings of every major exegete we can get our hands on, but have put these things into practice in our own lives and assisted others in doing the same. We sadly understand that there will be some who will come to criticize and will receive nothing from this site. This site is designed for those who are seeking, not for those who think they've already arrived.

Much of what you read here will come alive as you make a decision to "go into all the world" or even "go" into your own neighborhood. God's Word is understood by doing rather than by just reading it. James 1:22

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You can't get anything out of the Word if things aren't right between yourself and someone else (Matthew 5:24) so take a look at the Repairing Relationships page before proceeding.

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It is a privilege to have you on the journey with us! Let's pray for each other that God will show us how to understand every word He has given to us.

We are also exploring the possibility of re-releasing the GodSpeed computer Bible. GodSpeed was one of the very first desktop Bibles released in 1986. We never created it to make money so we never made any money and had to abandon the project as other products began to come out. We'd like your opinion of a new approach to Bible study which is visible on our Sample Page.

Your Servants in Christ,
The Gallaghers
Daniel 12:3